Hotel “Happy Inn” close to the metro


The undoubted advantage of the hotel, It is its convenient location near the metro station "International". St. Petersburg is the largest and most modern metropolis with its serene rhythm of life. And many, living here, motorists not by hearsay know about, as is sometimes hard to move through the main thoroughfares of the city. Peak hour, repairs, all accidents are integral satellites traffic jams and congestion on public roads.

That Is Why, for those who are not accustomed to lose time, modern subway station "International" at your disposal. From the metro station “International” you can quickly reach all major attractions of the northern capital.

For the record. 67-I Petersburg metro station. The terminal station Frunzensko-Primorye line, is located behind the station, "Bucharest". Put into operation 28 December 2012 year as part of the fourth start-up complex of the first stage of the Maritime Frunzensko-Petersburg metro line Volkovskaya - "International"(Purple Line).


Fare is 45 RUB. (one trip).

The hotel is close to the metro. The nearest station "International" - all 7 minutes walk

After all, you are looking for a hotel in the historic center and with convenient location?