Hotel "Happy Inn"Near the international airport" Pulkovo "

Another plus Hotel “Happy Inn” in, that the hotel is located near the international airport "Pulkovo", for some minutes (and it is no exaggeration) you can "fly" on the subway to the international airport "Pulkovo". So if someone in transit through Peter flies abroad or sent to the far corners of Russia, choose to stop hotel “Happy Inn” in the Frunze district. Moskovsky railway station can be reached in 15 minute, leave from and where trains arrive the southern and eastern areas of Russia, CIS, and of course to Moscow and back. On the capital "work" more famous branded trains and high-speed express trains: “peregrine”, “Red arrow” и “Nevsky express”. You will definitely be happy with our hotel, because there are so comfortable, and everything is so close ...


The hotel is easily accessible by public transport, from the Moskovsky railway station - 5 км.

The hotel is easily accessible by public transport and other major railway stations in St. Petersburg, Балтийского – 7 km or Vitebsk - 6 км.